Bullying Research Paper

When we have the instance of another person’s name and here we’re getting a little bit of pay those two right so by using you know you could you could frame this anonymously and not use the person’s name but whenever you use the person’s name we identify more with them and then you’re relying a little bit more on pathos and emotion and I think that’s working within the balance of the paper if all you have in your paper are these terrible sob stories and you don’t have the pie charts or you don’t have the percentages of the types of abuse then you’re relying too much on pathos but the way the the pathos and logos balance is working in this paper it is pretty successful so far. Find research papers on other topics at Edusson.

So we continue no I skipped some Bailey O’Neil he suffered seizures placed in medically induced coma Bailey was taken off life support later and passed away at the ripe age of 12 whew okay so here’s something so far our citations have had shortened titles of articles because we don’t have author last names you know if you’re familiar with last names blue was a pretty popular last name it doesn’t really seem like an article title so if we go down to our works cited yep we have Andrew Lu who authored bullied boy this article so actually what our author needed to do was take the quotation marks away okay because we actually do have an author last name but we still don’t have a page number because it’s a web resource but since we have the author last name that’s all we need and since we have that we don’t need this the quotation marks oh and we don’t need the shortened title okay now only bullies get physical but they also know how to get into the vulnerable victims head tormentors find out something that will deeply upset their victims this could be something about the victims past like naked pictures that were sent around or anything to bilk the victim feels ashamed about maybe the family has little income or the victim has a weight problem. Learn how to use statistics in your paper here.

Whatever it may be the bully will use it to their advantage I found a new saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will only cause permanent psychological damage so sort of playing on the sticks and stones and big may break my bones but words will never hurt me so that’s kind of clever again we have our citation and again with quoted material we have a brief introduction to it right so so far we have no quoted material standing on its own as a single sentence okay with no introduction so this is all she’s doing this really well it’s one reason why this paper scored pretty high when it came to points and grades we used to think that words aren’t hurt full but it seems that nowadays and actually that’s like one word nowadays words are more powerful than actions.