Checklist For The Research Paper

We’re in the introduction and we already have two citations right so you don’t have to do this not a lot of people do but sometimes you can so she’s already knocked off a couple of citations what she has to do for her checklist for the paper but it’s also demonstrating that you know she’s reaching out and pulling information in even in the introduction clearly something needs to be done to stop this tragic statistic coming to a conclusion I wish to be done with these cases and other instances of bullying is rather difficult okay so she’s admitting how tough the problem is and now at the end of the introduction we’re getting her thesis statement however pressing criminal charges on a bully is one way. Find a checklist for your paper at Edusson.

They could put an actual stop to bullying and I said too bullying on bullying this is a little bit awkward so you can rephrase it I’m not gonna talk about all the little grammatical stuff because we’ll never finish this video so I’m going to talk about the main points that have to do with research paper writing and not just writing in general but here we have our thesis statement right so she’s identifying the problem in the first part of the introduction and now she’s you know her claim is a possible solution okay so by pressing charges on a bully that might stop the problem so that’s her claim and so she’s gonna spend the rest of the paper trying to defend that claim with evidence so our next section is the bully now we’re entering the body okay when it comes to bullying you’re a nearly everyone has heard the old saying kids will be kids this was during the time when the behavior only happened on the playground with a changing society the term bullying has also been altered the term bullying is considered as an overbearing person who habitually Badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people again we’re introducing the quoted material that’s great online source probably with no author last name so we’re using a shortened article title and because it’s online we don’t have page numbers. If you waht to know about research and it`s credibility, check out this material.

Tou’ll notice that the citation goes after the quotation mark but before the period okay so this all looks great so far bullying can occur at any stage in life and the effects are rather similar however bullying of school children is the most talked-about group this is probably because we think that children are helpless and need our assistance to stop the bullying while a person in their 30s should be able to stand up for themselves so we’re sort of you know this section is essentially defining our terms right and so that makes sense that it’s gonna happen early on in the paper so logically the way the paper is unfolding makes sense here we had the introduction now we’ve got serve defining the terms that we’re gonna try to explore throughout the paper.