Preparing to Graduate for Students Writing Master’s Papers, Theses or Dissertations

Welcome to preparing to graduate for students completing a master’s paper, master’s thesis, or doctoral dissertation. The goal of our video today is to give you the dates, deadlines, and resources to complete your graduate degree. Let’s get started. From the NDSU homepage, click on the link ‘graduate students’. From there, on the left side navigation, click on the link ‘graduating students’.

This will take you to the ‘preparing to graduate page’. Click on ‘students writing theses, dissertations, papers’. This page outlines the items that need to be completed prior to submitting your disposition to the graduate school for review. Under step 1 ‘intend to graduate form’.

This form should be completed at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to complete your degree requirements or plan to participate in the commencement ceremony. If you do not see a link to the ‘intent to graduate form’ please contact your student service associate. The second point is the ‘doctoral dissertation video’. This video is required of students completing a doctoral program.

The third point is the ‘notification of scheduled examination’. Once you have a defense state scheduled with your committee, this form must be completed and submitted to the graduate school at least two weeks prior to the exam date. The last point under step one is to pass your final examination.

Once you have successfully completed your examination you can start with step two. After the exam your committee will complete the ‘report of final examination’ form. On this form, the committee must indicate whether they approve or disapprove of the defense, indicate who needs to review the revised copy after you’ve made the committee’s changes, and then the signature and date. A commonly missed portion of the form is the feedback.

This portion is required so students and the committee are both clear on what needs to be changed or updated in the document submitted. If this portion of the form is not completed, it will be returned to your advisor to complete. If you have a committee member who is unable to attend the exam in person there, are two options: they may send an email to your student service associate indicating their approval or disapproval of the exam, or a copy of the form can be scanned and emailed to the member for signature then scanned and emailed back to the advisor. Either of these options are acceptable. The second form that needs to be completed by you and your advisor is the ‘compliance notification’. This form is required of all students regardless of whether or not they use humans, vertebrate animals, or biohazards in their research.

If any of these lines are marked ‘yes’ there must be an approval letter from the review body attached to the form. Both of report of final exam and the compliance notification should be submitted to the Graduate School within seven days of completion of the exam. The next point is to complete all of the revisions that are required by your committee. Again the information on the report a final exam form should be clear so you know exactly what is expected of you. The next point under step two is a ‘disquisition approval page’. Each department may have a different way of handling the approval page.

Check with your advisor to find out what the appropriate process is for your department. There is also a $175 fee payment that can be made online by clicking this link. Once you’ve completed the items in step two, you’re ready for step three: to submit your disposition to the graduate school to begin the format review process.