Research`s Credibility

One thing about the introduction and I received an email about this the other day someone was asking you know how you can use pathos successfully in a research paper because a research paper should really be about logos right and that’s true the body of your paper should be mostly logos and some ethos you know some credibility or a character but you can use pay this in a few different ways and this this writer uses pathos at the beginning of the paper in the introduction Phoebe Prince hanged herself with her within her home a couple of months after being constantly bullied by fellow classmates and so by using the person’s name and the tragic instance of her death she’s using emotion to get us you know kind of hooked on the paper topic right. Find out more about credibility at Edusson.

So this is an instance of using emotion or pathos in a research paper you don’t want to do that too much but I you know if you’re looking for place to use it the introduction conclusion can be a pretty good spot and I was just reminded by of that because of you know the difference between school children and 30 year olds so one version of a bully could also be the typical jock or another popular in school who picks on under picks on in underclassmen another type of bullying can be a fifth grader demanding 3rd graders for lunch money so little awkward construction they’re also the leader of the science club could be making fun of the newbies girls are not within the norm when it comes to bullying and bully is a girl who will not likely use her strength to harm others but she will use technology in her words people are still questioning will make someone a bully some claim that it is the way the bully is raised and that they learn bullying from their parents ok so we have more quota material coming up according to bullying statistics org families that are not warm and loving and which feelings are not shared are more likely to have children who bully. Make a checklist for your paper with this article.

Some research indicates that the very effect of having power may make one wish to wield it in a noticeable way and so again we have our introduction shoe quoted material and then the quoted material itself ok if you look at this citation we have another web resource and snow page number and no no author given ok and a lot of times you know like news online newspapers usually give you an author or an author name but a lot of times if you’re just eat like a you’re at the the web page of a research organization or some organization they don’t always attribute their authorship so you’re probably going to be using at least a few citations like this so which says we just have a shortened title and put in parentheses and the title goes in quotation marks.