Sharing Your Experience In Essay

I would highly recommend by the way putting together your nan at Western images as a word processing document or as a set of flashcards that you can review one last time just before the test I would recommend you focus especially on religious buildings on sculptures that carry religious and/or political significance and on works that convey gender or family roles that’s where a lot of the questions from the College Board focus with regard that this question note this morning from the College Board not all religious sites and structures or pilgrimage sites appropriate choices are sites or structures that were intentionally constructed or modified to accommodate and facilitate pilgrimage a religious site or structure not primarily used for pilgrimage is a less appropriate choice in these cultural contexts questions the quality of your choice matters a lot. Find out how to share your experience in your paper at Edusson.

Don’t panic and just put down any old image you happen to remember think about one that is a good fit with the question so here are some of the works that the College Board mentions as candidates for this particular questions or that I would suggest the Romanesque era was of course the great era of pilgrimage churches so what do you remember about this era well it dates from approximately 1050 to 1200 there was a population explosion urban centers were growing pilgrimage churches were good for business in the towns this was also the great age of monasticism and pilgrimage churches attracted visitors and money to monasteries and convents so talked about this phenomenon there were several famous pilgrimage routes but the two best-known were to Santiago de Compostela in Spain were st. James relics were held and two wrong st. Peter’s is very much a pilgrimage Church and we’ll get there in a minute but let’s start with Santiago de Compostela by the way the front shows a lot of changes that were made you see broken and Gothic features but it is at its heart a Romanesque Church as the plan should illustrate. Find out more about using pictures in essays here.

So what features and again I would focus especially on the plan enhance the religious experience well to be obvious that by all means be obvious and answering these questions it’s huge it has multiple aisles a very large nave this was designed to accommodate crowds and in fact the experience of worshipping with many many fellow believers was an important part of the pilgrimage experience and the buildings were designed to make that possible note the ambulatory around the apse with radiating chapels orsha vets that will contain relics to be venerated again the big draw here are the alleged remains of Saint James whose remains were associated with victory over the Moors there is a huge square in front of the building where pilgrims can gather again almost all pilgrimage sites will have some sort of gathering place so that’s a safe guess note again any pilgrimage Church you choose will have the station’s basic structure so you’re safe describing it.