Statistics in Research Paper

In one of my classes in middle school our teacher demonstrated that words are like bubbles she said that once they are blown it is just extremely hard to get them back into the bottle everyone tried and tried but we all failed this demo made us realize that once we say something hurtful it is also hard to take our words back you may have heard that you don’t want to include the i’ in research writing or really in writing in general I think it’s totally false in writing in general I think you have to be careful and research writing how you’re gonna use the I but I find this kind of interesting she’s basically making a metaphor or analogy here and I think it’s kind of a clever way I mean really what you want to do in a research paper is you want to explain your argument and sometimes making a metaphor or building an analogy is a useful way to do that. Check out examples of using statistics at Edusson.

And in fact if you have a paper that’s nothing but statistics and pie charts that becomes a little bit dull so I found this kind of refreshing the use of the metaphor here so don’t be afraid of trying something like that and especially in your rough draft and if you send it to me in a rough draft and it doesn’t really work then we can we can revise it right out of there that’s an option that you have with our changing society bullies can not only harm us at school but and and can not only harm us at school and in public but a bully can also invade our home life of technology so this needs to be a common right this type is called cyberbullying it is harder to stop unless the victims stop using the technology unfortunately neither teachers nor other police can prevent bullying online also since items online can be taken out of context a bully can claim they didn’t mean what was typed so yeah it’s context online is really tough i’ve sent a few emails out to students where i try to be funny and they’re like why are you so mean to me. Here is a great example of a topic for a research paper.

So i’ve learned that lesson myself cyber bullying should be considered harassment and the bully should have criminal charges filed against them so here we have like a another sort of mini claim right or were we we’re restating the claim from the introduction and we’re being a little bit more suspicious specific so we’re not just talking about bullies in general should have prep charges pressed against them the cyber bullies should okay so we’re sort of narrowing the focus slowly but surely statistics state that over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the internet statistics so again quota material introductory statement proper citation web resource snow’ author if this occurs a victim can either block the number or get a new one a victim can discontinue the use of this technology but the nasty words and rumors can still be spread.