Using Images In Essay

Remember that pictures are your friend use the clues and pictures that you won’t have them for a cultural context question but you will for the others in the arch of alt remember that that’s the decorated archway above the tympanum you see the seated elders of the Apocalypse each holding a musical instrument ready to prepare a concert in honor of God anyway you’re not going to remember all of that but again you might very well get an essay question about at infinim you know a lot about the Bible study what you see and describe it in the context of the Christian faith you have an advantage attending a Catholic school use it so here’s the Tempah time we or one of the temples that we did study in some detail and it shows up a lot on the AP test this is a good church to remember by the way good name Oh Tom cent Lazar in France. Learn more about how pictures are used in essay on Edusson.

Again remember that you want to have us cific rather than a generic identification if you possibly can so you can describe this or any other Romanesque Church entryway there’s an imposing relief on the tympanum in this case showing the Last Judgement as they so often do including a lot of sinners being sent to hell remember again that pilgrimage churches are all about repentance note the imposing jamb that’s the structure on either side of the door these are not filled with sculptures but in Gothic churches they will be and the true moe that’s the sculpture in the middle between the two doors again this is designed to create an impression upon entry remember this question asks you to relate to the experience of pilgrims all of these French pilgrimage churches were on the way to Santiago de Compostela don’t forget that detail I hear by the way are a few more close-ups of this particular template um you see the pilgrims on the bottom and on the left you see Souls being weighed here’s an interior of the Cathedral of Santo tiny you haven’t seen this before. Learm how to use your experience in essay in this article.

But you don’t need to it’s a pilgrimage Church so it has a huge nave and aisles designed to hold crowds that’s true of all pilgrimage sites will have relics say it even if it’s obvious do not hesitate to use common sense and reasoning to bolster your memory okay we need to move on up and let’s look at just a few more candidates Bernini’s colonnade is all about the pilgrimage experience huge crowds could gather and of course just recently they gathered again for canonization so Bernie knees colonnade is all about the pilgrimage experience and about focusing on the majesty and glory of Rome and the papacy this is true of all of the cathedrals over-the-top Renaissance and Baroque elements I’ll show a few these are two works by Bernini by the way I have not included some important works by Michelangelo such as pope julius ii tomb with the Moses or the Pieta but those were of course also part of the the pilgrimage experience of st. Peter’s.